Recycling Meets Cashmere

We love Burning Torch for many reasons. The unique designs, aggressive fashion forward pieces and the labels ability to be so bold makes Burning Torch  The brand’s overall style and innovation are enough to capture their following but what we find most interesting is the production of the clothing itself. Founder and designer Karyn Craven produced the line starting in 1999 with the idea of an environmentally friendly concept. Burning Torch is known for their eco friendly clothing production and their acknowledment of the effects we have on the environment.

Craven never uses animal fur and is a firm believer in faux fur for all her designs. Each year Craven recycles vintage cashmere clothing. Every piece gets washed, unsewed, sorted, matched and then sewn back together to create blazers, jackets, and sweaters that are truly one of a kind.  These pieces don’t come at a bargain price but when a fashion hunter can find a piece like this, it doesn’t stay stocked for long. These pieces feel and look amazing so it is hard to say no.

Burning Torch continues to amaze with its unique way of combining vintage and contempoary styles. Make sure to purchase your Recycled Cashmere Blazer at before they run out.


Healy Bea Boutique

Coachella, a Time to Celebrate Music and Boho Fashion



 It’s that time of year again. This weekend Indio, California will be taken over by music fans from all over the world celebrating Coachella Music and Art Festival. This highly noted music festival has become so popular it has now expanded into two weekends.  Both weekends sold out in a matter of days.


A lot of planning and anticipation goes into this weekend long event. Buying a ticket, getting a campsite, checking out the acts and getting a fun group together are all common precautions many take. What’s the most important?


Ask any guy and there answer will be different but for us women of style our planned wardrobe is a must. Coachella is known for its boho chic fashions. Fringes, headbands, bandeaus, rustic colors, sun dresses and sunglasses are a few trends known to wander about the music festival.  Here at Healy Bea Boutique we love Sauce Clothing for this event! Check out their Saucey Sauce tie dress for a cute day look, their Long Fringe Dress for an added boho touch, the Saucey Tribal Hoodie for when the sun sets and the Long Lovin Paris Dress comfortable for the drive there or back! All Available at Healy Bea Boutique! To purchase visit, call us at (602)468-9944 or come visit us at Healy Bea Boutique, 4410 E Camelback Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85018.


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What’s Your Scent

One of a woman’s most noticeable accessories is the perfume she wears. We all have our favorites and reasons to why we love them. Some women resort to one perfume while others have a collection.  Some scents give you a sexy appeal while others make you feel edgy. Some last all day and some fade quickly. Then there is the perfume that you wear as a signature and is truly timeless. It is that scent you can’t get enough of.
When thinking of scents you can’t get enough of it was unanimous that Child Perfume was the top choice. Child Perfumes gives off hints of crisp jasmine floral. You really can wear this favorite perfume any day of the year. Child Perfume is usually hard to find and runs off shelves.  Each bottle  is hand poured by its’ creator Susan D. Owens. Child Perfume comes in convenient roll on bottles.
We are not the only fans of this delightful scent. Many celebrities love this perfume. Including Jennie Garth, Sigourney Weaver, Madonna,LeeAnn Rimes,  Rebecca Gayheart, Britney Spears, Tiffany Amber Thiesen, and Tori Spelling.
Even John Mayer expressed his knowledge of the perfume in a Rolling Stones interview.
Child perfume is available in 1/3 oz or 1.3 oz.  To purchase visit, call us at (602)468-9944 or come visit us at Healy Bea Boutique,4410 E Camelback Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85018.XO – Healy Bea Boutique

What Pyramids Can Do For Your Style


When we think of pyramids the first thing that pops into our heads is a mark on civilization. What better way to make a mark on your style then with the aid of these geometric wonders. As we tread into the summer season pyramids are making a statement. We can’t put a finger on what exactly makes this shape so eye catching but pairing them with different styles for your everyday life is an easy way to make a statement. We cannot get enough of this trend. Whether it is a pyramid inspired print, pyramid studded handbags or our favorite pyramid inspired jewelry this trend has to the ability to add a little bit of rustic, rocker chic to your style.


Our favorite jewelry inspired by this trend are the pyramid pieces by Sugar Bean Jewelry. They carry three different styles of rings along with two styles of pyramid studs. Each design comes in white gold, yellow gold or rose gold. To purchase visit, call us at (602)468-9944 or come visit us at Healy Bea Boutique, 4410 E Camelback Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85018.

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Glimmer and Gleam in Sequins

Fall 2010

Sequins, Chain Embellishments, Leather, Military, and everything Leopard print is everything you can expect from Fall 2010.


So many looks to chose from but what is our favorite this holiday season? We are going to have to go with SEQUINS! Glimmer and Gleam in sequins your next holiday event. It just screams holiday cheer and happiness.

One of our favorite pieces available at Healy Bea Boutique right now is this super cute and super easy sequins jacket from Velvet. Pair this fun sequins jacket with a black top, great pair denim, simple heels and minimal accessories and have a great holiday outfit that’s bound to turn heads for girls night!

XO – Healy Bea Boutique

Chan Luu, Spring Crystal Top

We are always on a mission for one of a kind glamor pieces for special occasions and we hit the jackpot when we spotted this piece from Chan Luu.Victoria the fashionista blogger of Chan Luu is wearing the Chan Luu Spring Collection Crystal Top at The Fashion’s Night Out at Ron Herman LA.

This is a cut to order piece only available for special order and scheduled to arrive in early February. Maybe this will give your sweetheart a reason to wine and dine you on Valentines Day?!

Available in X-SM, SM, MD and Lg. The Chan Luu Crystal Top Retails $656 but when you special order from Healy Bea you get 20% off.

Victoria is wearing a size x-small in the picture shown below.

For special orders contact: Healy Bea Boutique 4410 E Camelback Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85018
Phone (602) 468-9944



Fake It Baby

Everyone knows that wearing fur isn’t cool. Thus this is one of those rare times when fake out wins au naturel. We are seeing tons of designers showing off their faux fur creations on the runway for Fall and we are very impressed.

We adore the look of fur because there is something very Rock N’ Roll, Street, Bohemian Chic and Glam about it.  So happy to see that faux fur and leopard print is so hot right now because after all the real stuff creeps me out!  Inspired by Kate Moss and her faux coat, we knew we had to find a great faux leopard print piece for Healy Bea.

We stumbled across a super cute reasonably priced faux fur cropped jacket at Los Angeles Market by Velvet by Graham and Spencer.

Available @ Healy Bea on 10/15/10.

Contact us to get placed on our waiting list 602-468-9944

Velvet Leopard Print Crop Jacket $209.00


Kate Moss Inspiration

Hawaii in a Bottle

There is nothing like the fresh fragrant air of Maui and if you want a little Hawaiian vacation in a bottle pick up Kai perfume and body products.

Kai is a beachy scent with a hint of gardenia and jasmine. This perfume is typically found in upscale boutiques and resorts ranging anywhere between $38-$78 for perfume and body products.

My favorite product is the Kai roll on oil.  It’s small enough to throw in your bag to freshen up, travel with and I swear it last and lasts because all you need to a quick dab. I usually refill every 3-6 months.

Celebs are in love with this fragrance and it seems to always be featured in magazines including InStyle, Elle, Glamour, etc.

The entire collection is available at Healy Bea.


Healy Bea Blog Now Live!

We are excited to announce our new Healy Bea blog.  We will be incorporating this blog with our web site, email newsletters, Facebook page and Twitter feed to give our customers the latest in fashion news and promotional opportunities.

As you know, Healy Bea strives to provide the discerning shopper with the latest in boutique designer styles.  This blog will give us the opportunity for you to get up close and personal with the designers of the unique pieces and with the employees that make Healy Bea go.

We hope you enjoy what we have to offer and come back frequently.