What’s Your Scent

One of a woman’s most noticeable accessories is the perfume she wears. We all have our favorites and reasons to why we love them. Some women resort to one perfume while others have a collection.  Some scents give you a sexy appeal while others make you feel edgy. Some last all day and some fade quickly. Then there is the perfume that you wear as a signature and is truly timeless. It is that scent you can’t get enough of.
When thinking of scents you can’t get enough of it was unanimous that Child Perfume was the top choice. Child Perfumes gives off hints of crisp jasmine floral. You really can wear this favorite perfume any day of the year. Child Perfume is usually hard to find and runs off shelves.  Each bottle  is hand poured by its’ creator Susan D. Owens. Child Perfume comes in convenient roll on bottles.
We are not the only fans of this delightful scent. Many celebrities love this perfume. Including Jennie Garth, Sigourney Weaver, Madonna,LeeAnn Rimes,  Rebecca Gayheart, Britney Spears, Tiffany Amber Thiesen, and Tori Spelling.
Even John Mayer expressed his knowledge of the perfume in a Rolling Stones interview.
Child perfume is available in 1/3 oz or 1.3 oz.  To purchase visit Healybea.com, call us at (602)468-9944 or come visit us at Healy Bea Boutique,4410 E Camelback Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85018.XO – Healy Bea Boutique